Avyuct IntelliDetect CHECK IT OUT Avyuct in the press OBJECT DETECTION ANOMALY DETECTION CHECK IT OUT CHECK IT OUT Unlock the power of AI/ML and Computer Vision with IntelliDetect. Our platform is designed to break down the barriers of complexity, making the once daunting process of model training, inference, and result analysis accessible to experts and newcomers alike. Object detection is a technology for computer vision in deep learning. This identifies different objects and their boundaries in an image or video. It is trained generally using supervised learning to detect single or multiple objects using appropriate training data. Anomaly detection is used to detect malformed or physically defective components during the manufacturing process. We train on datasets of images of correct and defective components to flag any anomaly or deformity in the component. Avyuct Applications Avyuct Applications Avyuct Technologies Bringing clarity to your data CHECK IT OUT Learn the fundamentals of Data Science at Avyuct Academy where we follow
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