About Us

About Avyuct

Avyuct is a core AI/ML and Data Analytics company.

We utilize various data analytics techniques like predictive analytics, graph analytics, deep learning, text analytics, reinforcement learning and other techniques to bring actionable insights from data.

Avyuct Business

Avyuct has two lines of business namely:

Avyuct Technologies

Avyuct Technologies focuses on building experiments for on-board execution for a small satellite constellation. Avyuct uses advanced computer vision and reinforcement learning to build these experiments.

Avyuct Academy

Avyuct Academy provides AI/ML and Data Science courses in a hybrid model (self-paced + instructor-led). Courses provided are very applied and hands-on.

Why Avyuct?

Our extensive team experience and agile methodologies help us cater to numerous industries, domains and sectors.

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Founder & CEO

Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal

Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal is an eminent Data Scientist and teaches Data Science at Volgenau School of Engineering, George Mason University. He has extensive experience in the field of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning. Dr. Aggarwal has more than 30 years of experience and is an expert in the architecture, design and delivery of complex AI/ML and Data Science solutions to solve business and customer issues with significant commercial and government experience. Dr. Aggarwal has strong technical skills with excellent design and architecture capabilities combined with the proven ability to build and manage motivated and focused teams and deliver on complex projects.
Dr. Aggarwal obtained his Doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University, New York.

Advisory Board

Dr James Baldo

James Baldo is an associate professor in the Volgenau School of Engineering and Director of the Data Analytics Engineering Program at George Mason University. Baldo’s general interests in data analytics span across data engineering, data architecture, and data science. Baldo’s specific interests in data analytics include machine learning, deep learning, and data labeling. Baldo has 38 years of industry experience in both data analytics and software engineering.

Ravinder Cheedalla

Ravinder currently working as an independent consultant in the IT industry. Ravinder has over 35 years experience in working in the Information Technology field in Identity and Access Management, Digital signatures and electronic notarization. Ravinder worked for three different startups that were acquired in his career.

Data Scientist

Ayushi Tiwari

Ayushi is a Data Scientist at Avyuct where she leads the AI/ML content development effort. She is also actively involved in building ML engines to support the company’s small satellite experiments. Before joining Avyuct, Ayushi obtained her Masters in Data Analytics Engineering from George Mason University where she worked on designing interesting ML solutions around real world problems. She believes in the power of AI and that there is a pressing need to train people in this domain to meet the rising demand for skilled Data Scientists. In her spare time, Ayushi likes to read books and take care of her plants. She also enjoys mentoring and helping learners and one of her goal is to guide people on how to break into the field of Data Science and build successful careers for themselves.

Junghwan Kim

Junghwan is a seasoned Python programmer who enjoys working on complex problems and breaking it down to design simpler solutions. He has a Masters in Data Analytics Engineering from George Mason University and is an Artificial Intelligence researcher, developer, and educator with notable industry experience. He is extremely passionate about the power of Data Science and wishes to give back to the community by sharing his knowledge and helping people break into this field. As a Data Scientist at Avyuct Junghwan has worked on the most niche areas of Machine Learning and AI where he has designed robust ML engines for deep Reinforcement Learning and Computer Vision experiments. In his spare time, Junghwan enjoys creating and editing soccer videos and sharing it with YouTube viewers and soccer enthusiasts around the world.