About us

About Avyuct

Avyuct is a core AI/ML and Data Analytics company.

We utilize various data analytics techniques like predictive analytics, graph analytics, deep learning, text analytics, reinforcement learning and other techniques to bring actionable insights from data.

Avyuct Business

Avyuct has two lines of business namely:

Avyuct Technologies

Avyuct Academy

Avyuct Technologies focuses on building experiments for on-board execution for a small satellite constellation. Avyuct uses advanced computer vision and reinforcement learning to build these experiments.

Avyuct Academy provides AI/ML and Data Science courses in a hybrid model (self-paced + instructor-led). Courses provided are very applied and hands-on.

Why Avyuct?

Our extensive team experience and agile methodologies help us cater to numerous industries, domains and sectors.

For more information write to [email protected]