Avyuct Technologies

Welcome to Avyuct Technologies
Avyuct builds experiments for
small satellite industry.

We utilize various data analytics and data science techniques like computer vision, reinforcement learning, predictive analysis, graph analytics, NLP, and other techniques to bring actionable insights from the data and to develop applied data science solutions.

Avyuct Small Satellite Coordination

Building intelligent satellite coordination systems

Need for Constellation Coordination

➢ Several Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are needed
to maintain continuous coverage over an area.
➢ We can consider the small sat constellation as a
Reinforcement learning system comprising of
multiple agents (satellites).
➢ Coordination of these agents can result in
performing a set of tasks that would require more
time if each agent is working individually.
➢ Coordination can be Centralized .

How Avyuct can help

➢ Provide capability for our small sat partners to
achieve optimal data collection.
➢ Identify collection issues and provide tailored
➢ Build custom analytics solutions for specific needs of
the customer.
➢ Use Reinforcement Learning based multi-agent
algorithms for distributed and decentralized
operation of satellites in a constellation.

Industry Use Cases

Detection of Natural Disasters
like Fire or Flooding

Detection of illegal Maritime

Monitoring Economic Impact
of a Pandemic

On-Board Computer Vision

➢ About two-thirds of Earth’s surface is covered by clouds at any given time.

➢ Majority of satellite imagery has cloud cover.

➢ Still these are collected, saved and sent over precious downlinked bandwidth to Earth.

➢ On Earth, these images are downloaded, saved again, then reviewed by a Data Scientist – only to be discarded hours or days later. 

Our Solution

Perform cloud detection using on-board Computer Vision and discard the images with cloud cover, thereby saving precious bandwidth and computing resources.