Anomaly Detection

Defect Detection using Computer Vision

Industries across all sectors rely heavily on advanced technologies and innovations to overcome the challenges of traditional methodologies.

Industrial manufacturing is one such sector where even today there is a lot of dependence on optical inspection devices and manual intervention in order to detect defects in products or parts.

Even then this process is not 100% accurate.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional optical inspection machines, we introduce our Computer Vision based solution which is known to detect various anomalies in a single shot without any manual tuning and is capable of handling even complex patterns.

Its implementation not only eases the process of defect detection but also reduces the time and cost of manufacturing. In most cases, quality assurance cost ranges from 15-40% of the total sales revenue which can be drastically reduced (almost half) by utilizing these techniques.

Our Solution

The Computer Vision based ML model was trained on a large corpus of images of correct and defective components.

Our state-of-the-art algorithms are able to flag even minute deformities in the component.

The detection analysis can be performed near real-time on stills and videos.

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